Mission, values


Through innovation, we, as a family business, wish to play a leading role in the distribution of technical equipment and the provision of services related to the use of this equipment.

The involvement of our employees and the quality of the products and its related services should allow our final customers to realise their activities in the most profitable and sustainable manner.


As a family company we place great importance on the values for which we as organization and as employees want to stand. These values are not hip or revolutionairy, they are basic and have been around for years.


Become responsible for the interests of the company, your department and your colleagues.


As an honest person, you always act in accordance with the values and standards of the organization and the legislation. An open and direct communication is here one of the keys to success. Partly thanks to constructive feedback and initiatives, you can make a difference for our company and our customers.

You also show the necessary respect for your environment and the environment.

Relationship orientation

Recognize problems of customers and colleagues, place the necessary importance to it and always look for a “win-win” solution.

Specialization and excellence

By getting better and better in your field, you signify an enormous value for the company and you will undoubtedly find a greater satisfaction in your work.

Those who stop wanting to become better, stop being good at a certain moment.


Work together with your colleagues, the customers and our business partners to always achieve the shared objectives.

Help your colleagues to realise common objectives, share joy of success with them and learn together from the mistakes.